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Immersive 3D Tour and Floor Plan

Starting at 125$

Immersive 3D Tour

Today, it goes without saying that a virtual tour service at the cutting edge of immersive 3D tour technology is a must. The opportunity presented by this simple and effective approach is gaining popularity at lightning speed in the field of real estate. In addition to helping to improve your performance, virtual tours are a tool that helps the flow of activities in addition to being considered by search engines.

All our Immersive 3D Tours include

UiMeet3D Video-Conference

24 Hour Turnaround (Guaranteed!)

Measuring tools

Interactive mini-map & Dollhouse

No size limit

Help tool

3D Floor Plan

Only 65$

No listing is complete without a standard floor plan to help potential buyers plan how they might live in their new home. Using the same technology as our 3D modeling, we'll scan every room in the house to capture specifications, including room measurements down to the inch, to create a complete floor plan.

Floor Plans Exemple

All of our Floor Plan Include

UiMeet3D Video-Conference

24 Hour Turnaround (Guaranteed!)


SVG and JPEG file


Integrated in 3D Tour

Floor Plan +*

*Coming soon* Only 50$ per house (Up to 5000 sq ft)

The Floor Plan + is our latest innovation. Using our state-of-the-art 3D technology and proprietary floor plan drawing software, it provides the advantages of getting a schematic 2D floor plan and a video-resolution 3D tour.

Detailed 2D floor plans not only define room names and dimensions, furniture placement, and window and door positions, but are also meticulously generated from our 3D digital twins. When used as interactive maps during navigation, these plans provide an additional layer of verification.

Floor Plans + Example

2D Floor Plan

The 2D floor plans generated through our 360-degree video recording scanning process retain the exceptional quality and precision that our standard 360-photo scanning process is renowned for, being considered one of the best in the industry. These detailed floor plans not only delineate room names and dimensions, furniture placement, and exact locations of windows and doors, but are also meticulously generated from our 3D digital twins. When utilized as interactive maps during navigation, these plans offer an added layer of verification. Viewers can directly correlate the 3D tour visuals with the floor plans, facilitating an unparalleled level of trust and transparency by enabling them to validate the accuracy of the floor plan details themselves, a feature not readily offered by other technologies lacking visual content.

Video-Resolution 3D Digital Twins

Certainly, given that this technology extracts pivotal 360 images from a video recording, the 3D digital twins generated through 360-lens video recording scans possess a slightly diminished image quality compared to standard 3D tours that use HDR photos. The core philosophy behind the introduction of video-resolution 3D tours is to establish an optimal equilibrium between speed and quality, as well as cost versus selling price, in order to fulfill the prerequisites of a comprehensive 3D tour without undermining its intrinsic value.

Below is a 3D digital twin created from 360 video scanning

Basically Requiring No Extra Time On Site.

The example above took less than 5 minutes to scan, producing a 3D digital twin alongside a floor plan. This represents a significant advantage for you and your clients with busy schedules.

All our Floor Plan + include

Schematic 2D floor plan

Video-resolution 3D tour


Interactive map


Photos processed by year


Annual shooting minutes


Training hours


Simple et efficaceSimple and efficient

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Whether for a real estate or commercial project, a virtual tour, a video or a drone shot, you can count on our team of experts to offer you aesthetic quality and breathtaking performance.

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