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What is Immophoto Prime?

From $30 per month.

Immophoto Prime is a monthly subscription program that gives you exclusive access to Prime products. As an Immophoto Prime member, you get 3D tours, 2D floor plans, single property websites and flyers added to EVERY photography order at no extra cost (over $300 savings per property!).

Site web de propriété - Demo

The new trend in real estate marketing

A Single Property Website for each of your properties is the best marketing tool you can offer to your clients. While the number of traditional real estate brokerage websites are stagnated, Single Property Websites are becoming more popular and their use continues to increase in North America.

A great tool to get more listings

The seller will appreciate seeing his property showcased on a website dedicated to the promotion of his property rather than being presented alongside other listings.

More visibility

Sellers have been shown to share their property for sale more on social media when they are presented in a unique way. Therefore, by having a SIngle Property Website, you increase the sharing potential of the listing and at the same time, your notoriety.

Don't be judged on your number of active listings for sale

Unlike a real estate broker's website where sellers can judge the broker's performance based on the number of listings posted, a Single Property Website demonstrates the broker's unique marketing approach.

Multiple advantages and savings

By subscribing to Immophoto Prime, you get a complete marketing kit for each of your listings and enjoy substantial savings.

For each photo package (15 photos and more), the subscription to Immophoto Prime includes:

Complete and personalized Single Property Website
Choice of template that is customizable to your colors
Printable flyer presenting the property
Choice of 4 templates
Simplified report of the Single Property Website's statistics
Printable Floor Plan (JPG, PNG)
Immersive 3D Tour
Interactive floor plan
Slideshow video of the HDR photos
Branded and Unbranded versions
Automatic publication on Youtube
UiMeet3D inclusions:
Personalized greeting bot
Visitor alert notifications
Lead generator

Premium services at unbeatable prices

Treat yourself to a unique network of image professionals with real estate expertise. We take care of your image and contribute to the value of your branding. Our strengths become your assets.

HDR 15 Photos

(Less than 1,499 sq.ft.)


HDR 25 Photos

(1500 - 2500 sq.ft.)


HDR 30 Photos

(2501 - 3000 sq.ft.)


HDR 40 Photos

(3001 - 4000 sq.ft.)


HDR 50 Photos

(4001 - 5000 sq.ft.)


HDR 60 Photos

(5001 - 6000 sq.ft.)


*Prime membership is not included with outdoor plans

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