General Conditions of Services

Opening an account

During your first contact with Immophoto, a customer service agent will ask you for your contact details as well as a credit card for the payment of invoices. The information and contact details of your real estate agency are also requested.


Appointments are made through customer service or you can order online. For orders through customer service, we will contact the appropriate person as needed. Appointments are at a fixed time, appointments for outdoor sessions only do not have a fixed time. The photographer will come at the time of his choice according to his schedule of the planned day.

During the appointment, the person who receives the photographer is responsible for his safety, if it is a tenant it is PREFERABLE and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that the broker and/or owner be on place. Especially during the winter period. Be sure to clear your driveway as well as the steps leading to your house and a path leading to the yard. Also, apply salt, rock dust or any other de-icing product to minimize the presence of ice patches leading from the street to your


For any delay or absence of the person who was to be present, for which Immophoto has not been notified and which exceeds 15 minutes, the session will be canceled and cancellation fees will be charged.

Appointment cancellation

Cancellation fees are applicable for any appointment canceled after 4:00 p.m. the day before the appointment.

Please note that postponing one or more appointments, after the deadline mentioned earlier, will be considered as a cancellation.

Treatment delays

A regular HDR25 photo shoot should last a maximum of 60 minutes. Blocks of 15 minutes are allocated to the photographer for each jump of 10 additional photos. Delivery of the final version of the photos is done the day after the appointment before noon, if no development problem is encountered, except for Saturday appointments which are delivered on Monday before noon.

For a 3D or a Video, additional time is allocated to the photographer depending on the size of the property. Additional fees may be charged at Immophoto's discretion. For 3D or videos, a delay of 24-48 working hours following the appointment is expected.

For aerial photos, the processing time is the same as regular photos.


All appointments are charged to your credit card upon delivery of the photos. If a payment does not go through the photos will not be accessible. A customer service member will contact you to verify card information (note that only the last 4 digits of the card are visible) or to change your card. Immophoto reserves the right to charge additional fees or change the selected package if certain crucial property information is omitted when booking the appointment.

PRIME Service

The PRIME service gives you access during a photo shoot to an immersive 3D tour, a floor plan, a property microsite and a "slide show" type video on request. The service is billed monthly and therefore without a fixed term.

When canceling the service all 3D and microsites are deactivated. A renewal fee is applicable.

The 3D included is a maximum of 3000 square feet. A fee is applicable for additional square feet.

Please contact customer service for details.


Photos taken for registration are used on average for 6 months. Immophoto makes sure to keep the photos for a period of 12 months. After this time, they may no longer be available. We strongly suggest that you download the photos to your computer when you receive them.

The 3Ds are kept for a period of 12 months. An offline downloadable version is available, contact customer service for more information.

Rights of use and copyrights

Copyright law was amended in the spring of 2012, by Bill C-11, rectifying the injustice that had prevailed until then, when the copyright of photographs subject to order belonged by default to the customer.

Canadian photographers are now the primary copyright owners of the images they produce, by default, as are illustrators, musicians, painters, and writers, among others. This applies as much to photographs commissioned by a client and paid for by the latter as to photographs taken outside of a commercial context.

Consequently, it is no longer necessary for photographers to have their commercial clients sign an agreement stipulating that the photographer is the first copyright holder of the work produced; the law now guarantees them this property by default. In addition, no use is possible without the written consent of the copyright holder.

Immophoto is a real estate photography company engaging full-time photographers, the copyright belongs exclusively to Immophoto. Immophoto assigns a user license for marketing the property to the real estate broker who ordered the product. No other use, distribution, resale is authorized without the written consent of Immophoto.