What is the Luxury Photo Shoot?


Date Online: 2022-10-04

For properties that call for extra time, enhanced editing, and artistic detail, IMOTO offers a Luxury Photo Shoot product.

The Luxury photo shoot is the perfect product for special listings that need extra time, attention, and spectacular results. The Luxury shoot is IMOTO's highest quality product, where we product magazine-quality images for extraordinary and unique listings. Click here for an example of a Luxury shoot.

What is the difference between a standard photo shoot and a luxury photo shoot? 

1. Photo Format: For a standard photo shoot, the photographer takes photos in .jpg format. For a Luxury Photo Shoot, the photographer shoot photos in .RAW which is the largest format for a professional camera. This produces more detailed images for our editing department to use during post-processing.

2. Time: During a Luxury Shoot, the photographer has extended time to allow for more artistic shots, mild staging, and special direction from the client regarding shoot details (ie. architectural details/crown molding).

3. Photographer: Only our most experienced photographers offer the Luxury Shoot product, and they have been specifically trained to handle special requirements of a Luxury listing. 

4. Editing: In addition to utilizing the added detail that comes from the .RAW files, our editing department spends extra time editing each photo to bring our the details, color, and vibrancy of the luxury shots.

Example of a Luxury Photo:

To view the full photo shoot, Click here.

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